Gruppenkurse 1

You and your employees want to unterstand and speak the language and culture of your business partners and you have fun learning in a group? Then small group lessons are ideal for you. ExpatMinds creates an individual program for your learning group based on the learning goals and current abilities of the group members. You help organize lesson content, profit from the group dynamic, and learn especially efficiently this way.


GROUP DYNAMIC, COMMUNICATION, and EFFICIENCY – this is what you and your team can expect:

-  group lessons with 2-5 participants
-  personalized content (e.g. career-related/intercultural topics, everyday language, grammar)
-  communication and interaction in the foreign language
-  modern and creative teaching methods that motivate you and your group
-  free sonsultation including placement tests

To reach maximal learning success, learning group participants should share a similar language level. It is recommended that colleagues plan one lesson per week that they integrate into their agenda.

We are happy to answer questions about the best type of lessons for you.