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I highly recommend ExpatMinds for German language learners at all levels. Thanks to my teacher’s deep understanding of both the language and pedagogy, I am finally mastering German grammar and pronunciation points that are critical for my work as a consultant. My teacher was extremely well prepared for each session, always bringing an array of materials that reinforce the lesson, thus ensuring I understand. The exercises, explanatory overviews, games and homework she designed made complicated grammar like “n-deklination” or accusative and dative pronouns clear and easy to remember. Plus, I always look forward to a session with my German teacher – learning with her is not a chore, its fun!
Mollie N., USA, Beraterin bei einer Hamburger Unternehmensberatung



My teacher from ExpatMinds was a great German teacher! She was very flexible and adjusted to my schedule. She immediately created a pleasant atmosphere. We used different methods: discussions, audio and video material, lessons from textbooks, books, games, etc.
My teacher suggested many topics – from general discovery of the German culture to extensive career-related topics – and she took my concerns and wishes into account. The lessons were simply a lot of fun!
Loïc A., Frankreich, Berater im Quality Management


David Marreiros_1500x1949I had German classes with ExpatMinds for a total of 9 months, once a week. Before that, I had already been living in Hamburg for 6 months; however my German skills were not that good. From the moment I started the classes, I felt myself much more comfortable with the language; my teacher easily puts everyone at ease and I knew that every week I had someone that I could talk German with while making my mistakes, learn and improve. My teacher’s ability to identify my weaknesses and strengths was right on the spot, making each week’s class more suitable and useful for my everyday life. Time flexibility was also a plus, allowing me to better fit the classes with my weekly work schedule. All in all a great 1:1 language learning experience that I highly recommend.
David M., Designer in einer Hamburger Designagentur


Anna Ch. quadratisch I had ExpatMinds 1:1 German lessons when I came to Hamburg in May 2011. My teacher was very professional and was always well prepared for lessons. She is very creative and has a lot of ideas (games, audio material and movies, puzzles), which of course helps fast learning. Additionally, she was very open and warm. She adjusts to personal needs, making the lessons very interesting. My teacher helped me prepare for the Test DaF and I received great results. I recommend ExpatMinds to all of my expat colleagues who come to Hamburg!
Anna C., Polen, Managerin im Supply Chain Management


Foto_Malia JoellenbeckI was transferred to Hamburg by my international company with no prior exposure to German. Through individual sessions with ExpatMinds, I developed a basic understanding of the language which empowered me to adapt better to life in Germany and develop stronger relationships with friends and coworkers. My tutor varied each lesson to be fun, engaging, and specific to the language skills most relevant for me. During my 18 months in Hamburg, my lessons through ExpatMinds were a highlight of each week and my teacher is one of the most wonderful people I connected with while abroad.
Malia J., USA, Strategieberaterin in einer Hamburger Designagentur